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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2007|11:10 pm]
This Saturday, I danced for 6 hours straight at a salsa workshop.  Watch out, Ohio!
No, actually, you know how my memory is.  I will have forgotten everything by the time I return.
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this week [Jun. 11th, 2007|06:21 pm]
Monday- salsa with Ris and Jesus and Christian
Tuesday- seeing Wicked
Wednesday- concert: The Fray, mae, and OkGo!  yes yes yes yes yes
Thursday- skipping work to learn about urban sustainability with ULIP, dancing with Jesus (and his friend [the] Christian at salsa night) (oh I'll just never get over that) at night!
Friday- the ides of May!  who knows what that means!

Roomie visited this weekend.  I wish she could always be my roommate, no matter which room I'm in.  We went to the Blues Fest which was pretty cool and the Swedish/Gay Pride (?!) Midsommarfest.  That was in a really cool neighborhood, I want to go back.  We also saw live frogs and tube-nosed turtles in a Chinatown grocery store, many tots running around Millennium Park, and hoochies out in Wrigleyville dressed as SnowBunnies in their Underwear (I think that's an official title). 

The neighborhood we live in has tons of bars, and by now I recognize every bouncer that stands outside them in the evening.  However, the crowd is a little too old to tempt us into going there, which is a shame.  Imagine if they were young bars --we could befriend the bouncers, get in free, be VIP!  I never actually understood VIP, but I think I do now.   At some clubs, you can buy a VIP membership sort of thing, but at other clubs, you have to be asked or recommended to be put on the list.  aka, you have to drink a lot/entice other people to buy you a lot of drinks, be a fun partier, a regular, and of course be hot/rich.  Hot or rich.  So I don't think I'll ever be VIP, which is only a 30% bummer. 

I'm starting to get a feel for how Chicagoans are different from other people.  I'll let you know when I reach a conclusion.  So far, I noticed that they eat out a lot, have poor verbal manners, and like meat.
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2007|02:20 pm]
I saw the band and Hope in Chicago.
Now Roomie's coming! 
Chicago is excited. and exciting.  I lalalave it.
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(no subject) [Apr. 29th, 2007|11:17 pm]
Finals week.  Macroecon tomorrow.  Half of the exam points come from an essay.  Joy.  I've never done an econ principles essay.
Chicago on May 12.
I get to see all the marching band chillun when they come to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend!  I'm pumped!  I'm going to feel 27! no, only 26.
Today I had Skyline Chili for the first time.  It's a Cincinnati thing, so it'd be a shame to never experience it.  It was distinct.  I had a tiny bowl spaghetti with "chili" and a mound of cheese, a tiny coney with "chili" and a mound of cheese, and some of Roomie's fries.  Don't know that I'll be doing Skyline again.
Last night, Roomie and I were studying at Kofenya, and she jokingly suggested that since we were being silly, we should just give up and go take shots.  I encouraged it, and we went.  It was funny, but not conducive to concentration.  Margarita Monday tomorrow!!!!
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Things I have been reading [Apr. 14th, 2007|04:08 pm]
"JERUSALEM, April 13 — The Vatican’s ambassador to Israel has said he will skip the official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at a national museum here on Sunday to protest the museum’s depiction of Pope Pius XII as a largely passive bystander to the murder of Jews during World War II."  -NYTimes.  Priorities=straight.

"The Valencians, sensibly but without firm proof, claim that Arabs brought rice to Spain before it appeared elsewhere in Europe. They also maintain that paella is the only “real” rice dish in Europe, that everything else, including risotto, is “arroz con cosas” (“rice with things”)."  --NYTimes.  haha, everything else is just rice with things.  Spaniards.

The Way I See It #223
The greatest difficulty of travel is that one is forced to take oneself along.
-- Alain de Botton
Author of Essays in Love and The Architecture of Happiness.

Responses to a marginalrevolution.com post about incentives for women to date jerks:
"And even Hitler had a girlfriend,
Who he could always call,
That would always be there for him
In spite of all his faults
He was the worst guy ever.
reviled and despised,
Even Hitler had a girlfriend
So why can't I?
Why can't I?
-(Dr.) Frank Portman"
"...Nice guys are often (not always, but often) no less interested in getting laid than cads, and even no more inclined to long-term pair-bonding.
They've just been egregiously misinformed, thanks to political correctness and female-marketed mass culture, about what women actually want and will actually respond to (as opposed to what they say they want and say they will respond to)."
"under a surprisingly broad set of conditions, women are more attracted to men who treat them poorly
This is misogynistic nerd folklore. "

Nope, climate change is not yet a problem.  Mountaintop snow melting, sea rising.  No prob.

Here is the conclusion of a just-released paper evaluating all the recent research on the connection between happiness and income or GDP or material wealth, etc.  I read something recently that quoted a statistic saying that before a nation reaches a per capita income of $10,000, happiness IS correlated positively with income.  After $10,000, marginal gains in happiness do NOT result from marginal increases in income.  Lots of people find this to be a reason why we should even out income distribution so that everyone earns around the same amount, and there's less friction from income inequality and less pressure to materialize contentment.  This paper says that we don't need to do this to increase happiness.  It's interesting, although I don't think I'm libertarian enough to buy it.
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2007|12:46 am]
uhoh, Friday the 13th! don't worry, be Spanish. in Spain, Tuesday the 13th is the worst. that's my new mantra: "Don't worry; be Spanish."
today I gave a group presentation about colonial Algeria. it was funny, bcs oil was discovered there in 1958 and Algeria gained independence from France in 1962. haha, suckers! that's what you get. no oil for you. karma.
my health econ prof said at the beginning of the semester: "you'll leave this class more confused and frustrated than when you came in." and i think she's right. US health care is so effed up and it will be hard to make changes. at least i feel more informed and can make better decisions. like only use the ER for emergencies...gee... and promote preventive care! preventive care for all!
tonight there will be a Shabbat dinner followed by a talk by a Holocaust survivor. geez. i'm glad i'm going, obviously. jill's coming too. but i wish they'd host it at least at the nice dining hall... Hillel has SO MUCH MONEY. geez. I went to a couple of their free Shabbat dinners/services freshman year. every Friday! free dinner for whomever! and they have a real lady cook make the food, so it's goo-ood. geez.
time for bed. time for bed.
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2007|02:34 pm]
back to willoughby for 29 hours, then a lonnnng flight to houston and then honolulu. we'll get there at 1pm hawaii time on sunday. and i'll get to visit with kayti q on oahu! owahoo!
i'll be back in oxford on wed the 21st...back in willoughby probably on el 5 de mayo. we'll have a fiesta!
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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2007|01:11 am]
busy 2 days. i don't plan ahead. well, i thought starting sunday was planning ahead. it would be if all i had to do was 1 or 2 things, but i have about 7 things to do by Tuesday. joy. o frabjous day, callou callay. (my macroecon prof recited Jabberwocky on Friday, he's a nut)
march 11 i'll be in hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
STATE #50! hurray, hurray! and i'll be traipsing about volcanoes and various beaches. my pal kayti q will be in honolulu at the same time we'll be there...how bizarre. we'll do lunch. on oahu. wahoo!
last night amy and i were troopers/latin dancing maniacs. we sludged through rivers of slush (i don't mean slush. i mean slush with a layer of dirty water over it. icy cold, 3 inch rivers of slush on every sidewalk and street) in our dancing shoes, laughing uncontrollably to the bus stop. it seemed like a nightmare: we were all psyched to go latin dancing, and we open the door and are surprised by rivers of water saturated slush without end, and we wade through them yelping and laughing and wheezing. nightmarish indeed. ALL WE WANNA DO IS DANCE! the bus came, we went uptown, latin night was cancelled, the dj wouldnt come outside and play. so we hid in the stairwell until the bus came again. tiny fragile amy was so pained by frozen feet that she had a mental breakdown/nausea/laughing attack on the busride. oh lord. it was odd. then we ran home in slush and amy burst in the door screaming and crying, literally crying. if you have met amy, you realize how bizarre this is. after we stood in hot water in the tub for a while, her brain started functioning again.
we would not have even opened the door if it weren't latin night, mind you. this explains a lot.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2007|05:09 pm]
[music |grey's soundtrack]

I have a cold. 
Last night, we went to a black and white party for the synchronized skating team (I still can't believe Erin lives with them. Honestly.).  One of my tutees is a skater; she looks exactly like Claudia Shiffer.  No joke.  Other friends were at the drag show, but poor Hana got kicked out of the bar.  The bouncer came up to her when she was sitting down by herselfand said, "You can't sleep here."  She said, "Ok, I'm not sleeping."  And he insisted that she leave and escorted her out personally.  What?!?!  So we went with her dancing at 45east. 
We pregamed with Peppermint Patty shots: you pour chocolate syrup in your mouth and then take a shot of peppermint schnapps.  It's really good; I recommend.

2 midterms this week.  I have to catch up on reading. Joy. 
Oh! Valentine's Day!  The former president of Poland is coming (there's a Polish consulate in the building at the top of my street........don't ask why, I can't figure it out) to speak that day.  So that's hot.  Or I could make it ValenCIA Day and reminisce all day long and drown any lingering sorrows in Franzia sangria.

Kayti and I just went to Muscle Works class.  I'd never been.  So there are like 12 props around you (aerobics step, stretchy tubes, dumbbells, huge rubber balls, etc) and this tiny girl prompts you through toning stuff.  She says, "c'mon girls, squeeze!  six more: 8,7,6,5..." and I wonder if she can count.  She also says, as we hold weights above our faces while lying down, "bend your elbows, bring your forearms down and then up until you can see the weight with your eyes."  What, with my eyes? Not my clavicle?  These sorts of things plus the fact that the class was very rough have not made me happy this afternoon.  I have to do 1 toning class a week for this stupid Fitness Challenge, plus 3 other classes.  If I do 4 classes each week, I get entered into a drawing each week, and if I do all 4 WEEKS, I get entered into the drawing for a free class pass next year.  Plus, I hopefully will be svelte and hot at the end. 

The search for apartments and internships in Chicago continues.  Marissa and I are pretty pumped.  It reminds me of planning our EuroMay Adventures last year.  Chicago Adventures.  We be city wimmen.
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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2007|09:33 pm]
There indeed was a Locura Latina this Friday.  Beforehand, Amy and I went to Steinkeller and had 1/2L glasses of German bier.  1/2L is a lot for lightweight tots, so we were pretty much drunk after we almost finished them.  We talked in Spanish the entire time until some awkward visiting med student came up to hit on us while his friends talked about architecture.  We were kindof out of it and acting crazy and responding wildly to whatever he said.  He was like, "I came over here in hopes of buying you two some drinks," and we said we were too tips and needed to go dancing, and he said "can I just bring over some water?" and Amy got belligerently anxious to go dancing, so we left.  Poor guy.  Also, my dentist from Mentor was in the bar with his hot sons.  I would've said hi, but the moments immediately following my standing up were not times to talk to my dentist. 
Locura was fun as usual.  Except I left my sweater there and it wasn't there the next night. I can't wait for Chicago this summer, bcs I can go salsa dancing ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll make some Latino friends. check.
Saturday, the Asian American Assoc had a performance of dance and stuff, and afterwards a dinner.  We sat right by a door that was not an entrance, but people kept trying to come in.  we put a folding chair under the door handle, but people would just bust it open anyway.  And they'd stand there, the wind blowing our plates all over, and we'd be screaming "No! No! No! Other door! No! No!" and they'd stare, bewildered for a moment while we still screamed "No!"  It was most stressful. As was the texture of the sushi.  Yikes.  We went to the AAA After-Party. It was all the minorities at Miami in one house, basically (There are about 70 total, evidently) (I'm almost entirely joking).  Jandra and her friend Amy were smashed, so I tricked them into jumping into the circle of black guys who were taking turns showing off dancing in the middle.  It then become the weiner circle.  It was pretty funny.  Ali the Awkward was there again.  He winked at me for 4 seconds straight at Locura.  I successfully avoided him.
Evidently there's a movement to make Valentine's Day a "Pink Beer Day" (you may not know that Miami invented a "Green Beer Day" the Thurs before Spring Break, which always falls on St Patrick's Day.  we can't miss out on colored Natty?).  I'm unopposed.
Nothing exciting is happening this week, and this weekend was short.  Plus, it will be below-0 cold wind chilling tomorrow.  This week will be long as a skein of yarn. skien?
A while ago, we signed Amy onto some random personals website using my 7th grade email address (during a moment of delirium), and I checked it the other day, and some guy from 20 min away had messaged her. hahaha. She doesnt even have a picture up.
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